woman eating appleNatural State Holistic Dentistry exists to provide exceptional dental care to the people of Bentonville, AR and the surrounding areas. Our holistic dentist is passionate about biocompatible, health-centered dentistry that meets a wide range of oral health needs.

To learn more about our dental practice, continue reading this blog! Here, define natural dentistry, explain what services holistic dentists offer, introduce our holistic dentist, and discuss our oral health philosophy.

What is natural dentistry?

Natural dentistry, holistic dentistry, and non-toxic dentistry can be used interchangeably. Due to increasing research, holistic dentists strongly believe in the mouth-body connection. Meaning, the mouth is not separate from your overall health; it is actually a vital component to your whole health. This conviction influences the products, materials, and treatment methods these dentists use.

For example, holistic dentists don’t use silver amalgam fillings or fluoride. Research has proven that these products can harm a person’s overall health. Instead, a natural dentist will use safe alternatives.

To learn more about a holistic dentist’s non-toxic and alternative treatment methods, check out this blog.

What services does a holistic dentist offer?

A holistic dentist’s ultimate goal is to preserve healthy tooth structures while helping patients maintain a healthy smile. To do this, the dentist will stress preventive measures like proper at-home oral hygiene habits, attending regular dental cleanings, and eating a healthy diet. A natural dentist may also recommend these natural oral care tips:

  • Eat a plant-based diet
  • Get good sleep
  • Rinse daily with saltwater
  • Invest in a dental water jet
  • Use natural oral health products at home

To encourage patients to use holistic products at home, Dr. Johnson offers safe and effective oral health products. Call or stop by our office to learn more about these products.

When dental work is necessary, minimally invasive treatment methods like the following are used:

  • Sealants and glass ionomers to deter tooth decay
  • Air abrasion for removing dental decay
  • Composite resin fillings to fill in cavities
  • Bite splints to prevent teeth clenching or bruxism
  • Soft and hard tissue lasers for treating decay and gum disease. These are also used for surgeries, teeth whitening, and tissue removal.

Dr. Johnson also offers zirconia implants and a variety of cosmetic dental services.

Early detection is a key component in helping natural dentists use minimally invasive techniques. The following methods are used to detect oral health problems in their earliest stages:

  • Digital radiography
  • Magnification
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Caries detection devices

Holistic dentists invest in these state-of-the-art technologies to provide the most conservative care to their patients.

Who is Dr. Derrick Johnson?

For more than twenty years, Dr. Johnson has dedicated himself to helping patients achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy smiles, and solving more complex dental problems. More recently he has begun to integrate his deep understanding of oral health and traditional dental experience with holistic approaches. His desire is to ensure your mouth is a support for your health, not a detriment.

As an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Johnson is committed to treating a wide range of oral health issues with safe, effective, biocompatible solutions. Our practice is fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe.

Dr. Johnson uses evidence-based treatments and the latest technology to provide his Bentonville, AR patients with the best dental care possible. To learn more about our holistic dentist, call (479) 250-4473 to schedule an initial consultation.

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