Is there a natural dentist near me in Bentonville, AR?

happy older womanDid you know your mouth affects the health of your whole body? Natural dentists, also called holistic dentists, prioritize that connection by finding and treating underlying health issues and solving them with safe, alternative dentistry techniques. Holistic dentists may also suggest natural remedies to treat issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Check out this blog to learn about our natural dentist in Bentonville, AR and the services that natural dentists provide. 

About Dr. Johnson

Our natural dentist has been practicing dentistry for over two decades. Dr. Derrick Johnson graduated from Ohio State University College of Dentistry in 1995. His passion for solving complex dental problems has kept him at the forefront of dental technology and techniques. Dr. Johnson integrates modern technological advances and discoveries with the traditional dental experience.

As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Johnson is dedicated to solving a variety of oral health issues with biocompatible solutions. He uses proven tools and evidence-based treatments that patients can trust.

Natural State Holistic Dentistry is fluoride-free, mercury-free, and mercury-safe. Our non-toxic commitment provides patients with safe, natural solutions to a wide range of issues.

When Dr. Johnson isn’t working, he and his wife enjoy spending time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Northwest Arkansas and the Ozarks. Dr. Johnson’s hobbies include pursuing advanced dental studies, mountain biking, tennis, and aviation. He loves the community and people of Bentonville, AR and stays active in various activities around town.

Early Detection

Holistic dentists invest in the latest technologies so they can provide the most modern, conservative care to their patients. To provide minimally invasive care, natural dentists use these methods of early detection:

  • Magnification
  • Digital radiography
  • Intraoral cameras
  • Cavity detection devices

Our Services

Our natural dental office offers preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental care for every patient need.


The main goal of a natural dentist is to preserve healthy tooth structures and help their patients achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Holistic dentists prioritize preventive care which includes attending regular dental cleanings and exams, maintaining a good at-home oral hygiene routine, and eating healthy.

More specifically, our natural dentist recommends these natural oral health care tips:

  • Eat a plant-based diet
  • Sleep at least 8 hours
  • Rinse daily with saltwater
  • Use natural oral health products at home
  • Invest in a dental water jet

At Natural State Holistic Dentistry, we sell natural dentist-recommended, at-home oral health products. Call or stop by our office to learn more.


When oral health issues do arise, Dr. Johnson offers minimally invasive treatments such as:

  • Sealants and glass ionomers
  • Air abrasion
  • Composite resin fillings
  • Bite splints
  • Soft and hard tissue lasers

These treatment methods are used to solve dental decay and gum disease, fill cavities, prevent bruxism, and remove tissue.


In dentistry, cosmetic services are the icing on the cake. Our patients’ oral health is the top priority because we believe healthy smiles are beautiful! Once a patient achieves oral health, they can improve any imperfections in their smiles with dental veneers, teeth whitening, or one of our other cosmetic dental solutions.

The Natural Dentist in Bentonville, AR

If you’re looking for a natural dentist near you, the search is over! Our dental team looks forward to providing you with safe and effective natural dental care. Call (479) 250-4473 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson today.

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